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The Expert Test, Part 2 of 2

Published about 1 month ago • 4 min read

The Level

Hi Reader,

Today is the day you will know, definitively, if you’re a thought leader (or even an expert!) in an area where you both have “Experience” and “Passion” (your unique “EPs”).

This is part 2 of 2 to help you find the common ground in the Venn diagram of your professional experience and topics you’re truly passionate about, which is the one-two punch that the most successful and well-loved companies in the world are built upon.

In this issue:

How to prove (to yourself) that you’re a thought leader… because everyone else already knows 💛

If you need some context, no worries, here’s last week’s editionit’s a very quick read, but an absolute game-changer if you want to start a business, but don’t know where to start.

TLDR; fill in the “Experience” and “Passion” circles:

We’ll come back to the “what people will pay for” another day. That’s Creator School kinda stuff.

This is the exact exercise I did that led to the seedling of an idea that is now the growing-leaps-and-bounds business of my wildest dreams: Level Up Creators and Level Up Creator School.

It works.

Picking up where we left off last week: now that you’ve got a narrowed down list of things you have experience in and are passionate about, let’s take the Expert Test!

  1. Select the EP from your list that stands out to you the most – the one you feel is right in your gut. It’s calling to you!
  2. Now reference the ugly whiteboard drawing below so you know where we’re headed, and write that primary EP on the left side of your paper/whiteboard/Miro/Figma.
  3. Write down 3 sub-topics you’re comfortable having an in depth conversation about that naturally “branch” off of the primary EP.
  4. Now write down 3 sub-sub-topics next to each of your original 3 sub-topics.
  5. Now list out 3 sub-sub-sub topics under the 3 sub-sub-topics. I’m making up words…

You should have 1+3+9+27 = 40 topics branching from your primary EP that you can talk about on the fly.

Like this ⬇️

For context, I’m an expert in building and optimizing recurring revenue businesses and have 20+ years of direct work experience in this area.

This took me 15 minutes to draw out on my white board with the 40 topics listed above, and given 60ish more minutes, I could’ve gone 2 layers deeper, and ended up with 243 ideas to write/speak/teach about on the subject of recurring revenue.

🤔 What do you think?

Did you take the Expert Test? Find it fun, challenging, the worst thing you’ve done all week?

So, if you can make it to 40 topics in under a half hour or so, basically off the top of your head, you’re a thought leader in that EP, full stop. Well done!

Ideally you can zoom-in in on any of those topics at a drop of a hat, or zoom out and look at the big picture at a moment’s notice. You need the depth of knowledge on each of your 40 topics to speak fluently about each.

If you can go 2 branching layers deeper, you’re an expert - without a doubt.

The interesting thing though: I could’ve gotten to at least 1 layer deeper (than is shown above) on my “branching” chart 10 years ago.

Yes, I can speak in far more depth and at greater breadth now, no doubt, but I didn’t need the full 20 years to be qualified to write/speak/teach/consult/build digital products/coach/etc on this topic.

And you don’t either, although many of you reading this do actually have 20+ years of experience in an EP unique to you, you just haven’t stepped back to recognize your thought leadership, and dare I say, expertise!

You, yes YOU, have something inside you that is unique and deeply needed in the world right now. You have a purpose (whether you know what it is yet or not), and there are real, living, breathing humans that need what you have to offer.

Level Up exists to marry your expertise & passion with our business acumen, to create rock-solid recurring revenue in a business that you own, love, and where you serve those who need the unique gift of knowledge that you’re sharing with the world.

What’s holding you back right now from taking a step in that direction?

Please hit reply and let me know – everything goes back to my personal inbox.


- Amanda

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